Forever A Sone Who Love Soshi

Forever A Sone Who Love Soshi

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


I ship this two a lot...
Something to this point?
Im not that crazy to that point :)
Lets have some facts about Taeny..

A story after meeting Taeyeon's mom: When Taeyeon was down with flu, Taeyeon's mom visited the dorm. They were about to leave through the door but Miyoung chased out after them and brought the prepared medicine to Taeyeon's mom and said that 'Taeyeon doesn't eat medicine that tastes bad, eat this instead.' And then smiled embarrassingly.

Tiffany: That's right. I've been with Taeyeon for 6 years, and this was the first time we've been apart for so long. After 10 days, we made a big fuss because we missed each other and sent each other text messages and pictures.

People with different schedules will take a different car, although I don't know when there was once, Taeyeon & Tiffany had different schedules, Tiffany hurriedly got onto the car At this time, Taeyeon shouted "Tiffany!!" from behind, Tiffany turned around Taeyeon was holding her phone on one hand, the other hand gesturing towards her phone It's to tell her to call/text her..

Taeyeon and Fany were constantly playing with each other... Fany was singing Goodbye Days... When Taeyeon was putting her arm around Fany's shoulder that made Fany's shirt slip off her shoulder so Fany spanked Taeyeon "Hey what cha doing!"

They are totally cute....
This two pairing is irresistible <3
even when they dance...
They both make the mistakes at the same time XD

Look at her....
Even her own members...
Look at Tiffany's stare XD

And before i end this...
Let me give you two really really cute picture of Taeyeon ;)))

Im in love...

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